The Ashland Theater is currently CLOSED for construction.  The Ashland Theater Foundation plans to reopen the theater in Winter 2017.  Questions:  email or call 804-304-5588.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Grand Reopening of the historic Ashland Theater!.  


POP UP MODE Rental Information: Note:  The information below is subject to changed with the reopening of the Ashland Theater in Winter 2017.

Rent the Ashland Theater!  It’s a great venue for private parties, corporate events, movie screenings, presentations and musical and theatrical performances–Movies, Meetings, Music, Comedy, Live Theater, Birthday Parties, Wedding Ceremonies– the Ashland Theater can accommodate all types of events.

Renting the Theater

The entire Ashland Theater is available for rentSeating capacity is 275-300.    You choose the date and time for your event, our rental calendar is on a first come first serve basis.  We will staff the theater for your event unless we agree on alternative staffing arrangement.

  • $450 Business Out of Area
  • $300 Local Business
  • $300 Private Party
  • $200 Non-Profit 501c3

Showing a Movie at your Event 

If there is a particular movie that you would like to show at your event, we can secure the licensing rights to that movie on your behalf. The cost to secure these rights is typically $300 but it will vary slightly depending on the movie.  We license our movies with SWANK or CRITERION.  Those renting the theater are responsible for the license fee.  On average movie license fee is $300.  This varies per movie chosen.  Many seek a business/Individual sponsor to cover this cost.   Keep in mind that the movies licensing costs are in addition to the theater rental itself.  So for example, if you wanted a private screening of Finding Nemo, the total cost to you would be $300 for the theater rental and $350 for the film licensing fee – total:  $650.  For a non-profit the theater rental would be $200.


An additional option to consider is offering free concessions to your guests when they come to your special event. We can provide popcorn, candy, sodas, water.    We can run a tab and allow you to pay at the end of the event.  Typical Cost for Concessions:

$1 Soda/Water;  $2 Candy; $2/$3 Popcorn; $4 Beer; $5 Wine; $3 Pizza Slice

Concession Packages:  

  • Children’s Package: Small popcorn, choice of juice box or bottled water    $100 for up to 90 guests
  • Standard Package: Medium size popcorn, soda or water, candy item         $150 for up to 90 guests
  • VOUCHER OPTION:  $5 Voucher provided to patrons.  For use on Candy, Popcorn or Drinks.

ABC Licensing:  An ABC license for beer & wine is available upon request for an additional $45 dollars.

Licensed Caterers outside of the Theater are allowed.  Please request a health permit.

Charging Admission

If you would like to charge admission to cover the costs, make profit or fund a good cause – you may do so!  All ticket sales are considered DONATIONS.  On average our ticket price is $5.  You may make arrangements to sell tickets online via our website and the Ashland Theater will provide you a check upon review of online sales and send within one week after the event takes place.  All concession sales go to the theater unless otherwise arranged.

Rental Timeframe

Theater is open one hour prior to any event.  Staff are required to be there before and after the event timeframe for set up and clean up.


For a ticketed event –A minimum of 6 staff members are needed.  Below is the ideal amount of personnel.

(3) staff people are needed for tickets.  One in the ticket booth for sales.  One to check off on-line purchases. One to collect tickets at the lobby.

Concessions – (2-3) staff people are needed.  One for drinks; two for popcorn and candy and pizza sales.

Clean Up – (2) staff people are needed to take out trash and tidy bathrooms and clean concession equipment and restock for next event.

Projection:  (1) staff member is needed to make sure sound is correct and preview show and main event is displayed.


Marquee will be updated to include event information at least three days prior to the event. Sponsor information may be displayed upon request.

Publicity/Preview Slides

All public events will be listed on the Ashland Theater website. and on Facebook. Preview slides for sponsors may be included.  Files should be submitted at least one week in advance.  (jpg file images/powerpoint files).

Contact Us to Schedule Your Event:

Contact the Ashland Theater to schedule your event.  Email: phone:  804-304-5588

Visit our website to see what is scheduled:

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